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Do you want to automate and digitize? Create a self-help desk for your existing clients to use the knowledge automation tool.

Give your clients an answer to their questions

Knowledge database tailored to your needs

Your client will have access to a knowledge database that we prepare for you. Your clients can ask their questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to the accounting chatbot. The chatbot can answer tax, legal and accounting questions. This AI assistant will understand your client’s questions and will link them to the appropriate answer.


The client has access to an accounting self-help desk.

Automate your knowledge

You determine what is made available, usually a specific theme in line with your service. Your client can ask all his questions to your personal AI assistant, who will answer the easily accessible repetitive questions.

You will receive more complex questions and will be able to answer them in a personalized manner

Focus on your added value

The more difficult questions that the AI chatbot is unable to answer on its own will be emailed to the specialist accountant, with the contact details of the person who asked the question. These questions can be answered personally.  

Provide standard contract templates

You will receive more complex questions and can answer them in a personal way.

Many of your business customers have their own templates available. Our unique Q&A system allows you to offer them your templates so that even lay people can draw up agreements. You have the choice to check them or not. 

Ready to digitize your accounting firm?