Automate documents and contracts

Automate your contract formatting 80% so you can concentrate on work where it really makes a difference. 

Involve your client in the layout

Our smart assistant or contract bot allows you to involve clients in the drafting of agreements.

  • You invite your client by e-mail for a contract environment or the client can initiate this himself via your website (if desired).
  • The client enters the contract environment and gets questions about the agreement to be drawn up. 
  • The questions are drawn up in consultation on the basis of your or our templates

No more classic checklists

All questions are tailored to lay people, any ambiguities are explained by the smart assistant.

    • Your client will be asked a few questions about the agreement to be drawn up

    • If he does not understand something, ambiguities will be explained immediately

    •  The client never gets to see an agreement or legal clauses, he simply answers a few questions

    Receive the contract in Word

    You can finish the first draft and then deliver it to your client.

    • After the conversation with your client, you will automatically receive an e-mail with a Word document filled in based on your client’s answers.

    • You will also get an overview of the questions the client did not understand so you can explain them further.

    •  The client does not know at any time that the agreement has been automated: he answers a few questions and you receive the agreement.

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